Friday, August 7, 2009

GAFE 09 Day 3!!!!

Day 3 of our GAFE trip is what GAFE is really all about.
It is a day of workshops... a time to learn and a time to talk with other families and with those who are more in the "know" bout things.
The first workshop I went to was about the state of Guatemalan adoptions, how it got this way, and where it is believed it will end up. The speaker for the workshop was Kevin from Guatadopt. I didnt go to the workshop so much to learn... as I'm pretty aware of what happened in the past and what is happening now....but I went to meet him. See, I'm a mod on's forums... and I have been for a couple of years now. It's nice to actually put a real live face with someone you have been corresponding with for a couple of years! I was also curious as to how much other people knew...
I wish I could say that most were up to date...but sadly many were not... I "see" this prevailing feeling online... and I saw it a couple of times "in person" over the span of the conference that some prefer to not really acknowledge what happened to adoptions.... and really the future of adoptions there....No... not all adoptions had corruptions...but some did... it's important to acknowledge the ones that were corrupted.... anyways... it was an informative class... oh.. and I got to meet Kevin! *laughs*

After that, we took the kids to make some crafts... the kids made Queztal birds, and we helped them to make mobiles... they had a great time messing around...while their dad and I worked on their projects... I'm hopeful that the next time they can do more of the work themselves! *laughs* I've already had my fill of craft classes like that! *laughs*
We finished our craft projects and headed up stairs to order some lunch... of course we were on a schedule...but we thought we would have plenty of time to order out and eat... we ordered...they said 30 mins... and 90 mins later they walked through the door. I was mad, the kids were cranky, and it was not a good situation as we had to stuff our faces and run to our photo session! We had some great pics taken (hope to have them in the next couple of weeks!) and dh took 2 of the boys to the pool... while I kept baby K in the room to take a nap... It was needed for both of us!
Of course while we were doing our thing, there were many different classes and such going on... cooking classes, lifebook classes, a musical group was playing, and they had a market-place set up where you could purchase Guatemalan goods. They actually had classes for everyone... kids, teens, and adults. We just took a more relaxed option in our day.
After all the classes and such are done... .it was time for dinner and dancing!!!!!
Our good friends from Long Island joined us for the evening and we were sooo happy to see them again!!! We actually met in Guatemala City in 06... they were down there visiting their daughter for her birthday....we saw them at the last GAFE.... their daughter still wasnt home with them... Thankfully their daughter joined their family right before Christmas 08... so we were thrilled to see their daughter!!!!!!
Dinner was great! We had a nice salad selection, a chicken dish, a wonderful beef dish, veggies, potatoes, and of course a large dessert bar!!!!! We ate quickly....and allowed the kids to mingle and dance to their hearts content! It was nice for us adults also... as we were able to catch up with friends that we had known...and get to know our new friends also.... all in a relaxed and fun environment.
The kids danced, the adults danced, and I even got "pressured" into dancing a little... *laughs* if one could call my attempt at bodily movements dancing! But, really, who can refuse the hustle and the electric slide??? *laughs*
Alas... everyone was pretty danced out... kids were begging to sleep.... so our night had to come to an end.... the kids all dropped pennies into the wishing well... we said goodbye to our friends.... and headed up to our room.

All in all it was a very good day! I would have liked to go to more workshops and such but I know as the kids get older, it will get easier to do so. and yes... we do plan on going in two years!

K enjoying making his mobile

F and E making their mobile!

D dancing in the Conga line!!!

E showing off on the dance floor!

F cutting a rug!

A great group shot!!!!

E making a move on little N!

A great pic of a group of friends!!!!!!!


Leslie said...

Cute kids!!!

Cleveland has a 5 day event every year like that and when abby is older i will sign her up..its very cool i hear!

Rhonda said...

OMG what a fun time.........I am just a tad jealous!!! Great picture of the kids, so cute!