Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday K!!!!!

K is now 4!!!!!!!!!

Today was K's 4th Birthday!!!!

We had a great celebration at my parents house!

We opened gifts as soon as he woke up!

We had breakfast at Burger King! (a hit with the kids)

We spent the day at the Ogemaw County Fair!

We swam in the lake for an hour!

We had a very cool Spongebob Squarepants Cake!!!!

and... all the kids are now sleeping!!!

This past year has been a great year for K. The following year will also be great I'm sure!
K began pre-school this year, he became fully potty trained, his Spanish is improving by leaps and bounds, he is able to color with both hands, he loves to sing, he has almost learned to ride a bike, he can hit a baseball that is pitched to him, he can kick a soccer ball, he can throw a ball with good accuracy, he knows his abc's in English and Spanish, he can count to 20 in both languages, he can identify letters, he can almost write his name, he knows his full name, where he was born, the town he now lives in, the state he lives in, and the country he lives in. He knows the Pledge of Allegiance. He knows most of the Lord's Prayer. He is able to sit through church, he can sit through a movie, and he is very co-operative at the Dentist office as well as the Doctor's office. He had his tonsils out and his sleeping has improved and he doesn't snore anymore. He did great with the surgery! The only other sickness he had this past year was strep-throat/ pneumonia combo 2 months before his surgery. Other than that, he was super healthy and we were very blessed with that.

K is very special to me. Each of my kids have a certain something that really tugs at my heart more that it may with their siblings... with K, it's that he has really had to work at loving and trusting us...and at times, I have really had to work at my feelings also. He has come so far in the almost 3 years he has been with us... and I am constantly amazed at his tenacity. His smile melts my heart... his cries tear my heart out...but he is such an intense, loving, and wonderful little guy, that I cannot imagine our family without him.
Of course on a day like today, my thoughts are with his mom, L.... I pray that she has some peace...and that we are able to contact her in the next year...
C, (foster mom and Godmother) called us this morning as she does on all birthday's and holidays!
I'm soo happy that she is still involved in our lives... K even told her "quiero mucho Madrina" (Love you Godmother) and I could hear her cry a little. I know that she misses him... but I'm glad that she is in our lives and us in hers! K was excited that she called him all the way from Guatemala! He also asked if we could go see her.... I hope we are able to do that before his next birthday!

Well, I am having card-reading issues up here... I forgot my card reader and my parents use a different memory card than I do... but here are the pics we had taken of our Birthday Boy a couple of weeks ago!

This is the smile that melts hearts!

Hope you had a great 4th Birthday!!!!
We love you soo much!


Kerri said...

Happy birthday K!!! Hope this next year is just as good as your last one!

Leslie said...

Happy Bday sweet are soooo handsome and abby would be soo jealous of the Spongbob cake!!!

Ok i was in MI on the boarder of ohio for 2 hrs..i swear next time im meeing up with you guys...well we can drive that way anytime!!!


Rhonda said...

AHhhh, happy special birthday K. What a truly awesome little boy you have and a smarty pants!!! That is so great with those special phone calls from Guatemala. Happy weekend. Rhonda

mom2joelito said...

D really liked that dinosaur! He asked me if it was a robot.