Friday, March 19, 2010

Fav Foto Friday (3.19.10)

Happy Friday!!!

This is a fam picture that we took while at the Great Wolf Lodge.

I'm just so glad that we were able to get away and have a lot of fun together!
Sometimes we get so bogged down in everyday life that we dont stop to look around and enjoy everything that we have.
I loved watching the kids have fun!
I loved spending time with the kids and with dh without a worry!
It was a great break and cant wait to do it again!


Hannah said...

Great picture! It always amazes me what a little time away does for everyone. It is SO easy to tied up in the everyday little things.

Gardenia said...

our greatest joys can come from just watching our children's joys. great pic.

Leslie said...

What you were in Sandusky and didnt tell me?? LOL im taking my kids soon!