Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Wolf - Day 1

We cut back on birthday gifts this year...and decided to take a trip instead!
So, here we are, in between F and E's birthday's and we are on a 3 day vacay!
Since the kids love swimming and such...and since it will be a couple of months until we can actually swim near home... we decided to take the plunge...and try one of the water park hotels!
It is only 2 hours from home so the kids didnt have to ride in the van for too long... and it saved us money on gas and such.
We had a great first day!
We had breakfast this morning near home... and then hit the road...
4...yes FOUR bathroom breaks later...and we were at the hotel!
We swam from 2:30 till 7....
Then went and had a great dinner!
We then watched a good night show in the lobby of the hotel until the kids got their way and finally got to go to bed...
They began to beg to go to bed as soon as we arrived at dinner actually!
This hotel is really geared towards kids which is really great!
The water park is awesome!
The hotel room is very large and nice!
Everyone is having a great time so far!
Here are some pics from today!
(you wont see any of the Little Lady... she is with Grandma and Grandpa...not a fan of the H2O)

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Gardenia said...

such awesome pictures of your kiddos in the water. We've got a great wolf lodge a couple hours from our home. and we've been talking about going there for a weekend.