Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kid's Day!

Well.... I do have to say that our kids made out like bandits today!

Ok...well, it didnt begin soo good for them.... We all went to church. They were very good though! We even sat in the main part of church and not in the cry room! This is my mom and dad's church also...and kids are not quite accepted unless completely silent and still. So... it is a big deal that they made it all the way through mass without having to go to the cry room! Church was good for me today also! My parent's go to a parish...that is... well... older... their normal priest reflects that. Today though, they had the priest from the neighboring church who is younger, has been married and lived as a secular man, and has a fabulous voice! Sooo happy to see him walk in this morning!!!!

We drove all around the lake today to find somewhere to eat after church.... we couldnt get in anywhere without waiting a long time. There was a HUGE party this weekend here (bud bash) plus a very nice summer weekend with gas prices about 15 cents things were horribly busy around here all flippin weekend! Soo... all the restaurants were packed today. Well almost all the restaurants... McD's was busy...but their play area wasnt packed. So... McD's it was for Sunday breakfast... but... this was after church... and so we had to have lunch. I dont care that I missed the breakfast food...but... didnt really want McD's. The boys had a great time playing though.... and a sad situation since McD's is next to the craft store with the HUGE selection of scrapbooking supplies!!!!! Grandpa was nice enough to watch the boys while us girls went to look at the scrapbooking stuff!

After McD's.... we decided to take the kids to the local county fair.

Parking was FREE!!!!

Admission was FREE!!!!!

Boy's played for FREE!!!!!

Ok... so... not much at the fair... One food vendor. Some flea market things, some used books, and some inflatable toys to play on. There were horses...but they were police horses... and were actually working. So... we didnt really see any animals... but the boys did get to bounce around for an hour and my mom and I got to have some yummy lemonade and some elephant ears! So... guess it was a good trade off!

K is STILL doing wonderfully with potty training!!!!!!

L seems to be ready to walk any day now!

She is now standing alone for minutes now.... and can get to her feet without help and just stand there...of course, she usually claps for herself also!

I had to take a pic of her eating tonight though.... she is so into feeding herself now... and we had spaghetti...and boy did she make a mess!!!!

She isnt usually Had to get a pic while it was there.

F on the bouncy slide!

E and K on the bouncy slide!

L looking into her playpen!

L looking like she enjoyed her dinner!

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Leslie said...

Free is nice!!!!!! Cute pics!