Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Fun and Busy Weekend!

Well... I have not been the studious law student this weekend...and I had a great time!!!!

Friday we went to a play date at an indoor play scape called the Treehouse.

It was our first time to this particular one and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they have a nice playscape, they had a lot of fun trains for K...and the food and such wasnt sooo expensive... most places not only drain the wallet to get in...but then they try to make sure they get all of your money through their food and beverages. This place did charge a little more for food...but it wasnt horrible....and the food was pretty good. Anyways.... the kids had a great time, got to have popsicles and then they slept the whole afternoon!!!!!!!!
Oh yea... I actually got a nap on Friday!!!!!
It's like my first nap in sooooo long!!! It was awesome!

Saturday, we went to Boo at the Zoo!

The kids all dressed up, and we not only got to see the zoo, we got to get 4 bags of candy from different places around the zoo! It was really neat to see all the different costumes! The kids had a great time not only getting candy every few minutes...but they loved seeing the other kids and all the animals.

Our little lady was Minnie Mouse and the four boys (my three and their bff D) were the Chipmunks!

Everyone slept on the way when we got home they were done sleeping...but I made dinner and we just all hung out till it was bed time.
Today, I got woke up way too early.... Dh thought it was Monday so he busted in the room to wake me up very rudely....but it wasnt Monday....
Anyways.... get up, got dressed, we all went to church.
Got out of Church, took a quick trip to Kroger and scored some great deals there! We had to come home for lunch today cuz the people who are going to lay our linoleum were I had to cook lunch. Did that... the guy showed up with linoleum samples, and then.... everyone took a nap! Me included!!! I forgot how nice it is to be able to sleep in the afternoon! As long as I dont try to do so tomorrow!
I even made banana bread tonight! Yep...that's me... little miss homemaker! *laughs*

Really though... I needed a mental break..... back to the books tomorrow.... but at least I got a bit of a breather!
Here are some pics!

E lying around the play area!

Little Minnie Mouse!

Our Kiddo's!!!!

The Four Chipmunks and Minnie Mouse!

Our dressed up family!


Vanessa said...

I'm so glad to hear you got a much needed break!! The kids are so adorable!!

Rhonda said...

What a fun weekend. YOU need a break and some relaxation girlie, wow and good for you for getting in those awesome naps!

Daphne said...


Tabitha Blue said...

Found you through SITS... cute family!!! Looks like your weekend really was a blast!! Who needs school anyway LOL ;)

Leslie said...

Love the leashes on the boys!!!! Minnie mouse is soooo cute!!!!!!