Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Three Years Ago...

Let's see.... Three years ago today, at 9pm est...the time I am writing this post, dh and I were sitting in the Atlanta airport wondering if we were going to get home that night. Actually...getting home wasnt all that big of a deal. After all, we had just gone through immigration with the newest American citizen! We had storms in Atlanta and our hometown that night... and we wouldnt get home till 3am.... we didnt care. I dont think hardly anything would have bothered us that night.... after all.... we had our son, E with us!!!!!

That's right... three years ago today, we left Guatemala City with our son. We had gone down as a couple and came home as a family! Ernie was 6.5 months old. He was still in 3 month clothes, hardly over 10 lbs. He had major stomach issues, drank numerous pacha's, was eating some solids, and had the biggest grin around! I was a first time mom...and everything was new and exciting for me! He did fabulously on the flight home....sleeping all the way from GC to Atlanta....I woke him up to go through immigration....he played while we had our delays...and then slept on the plane from Atlanta home.... I just couldnt take my eyes off of him while he slept in my lap. I know I kept giggling to myself.... this is MY son.... I have a son! Wow! I'm a mom! I wanted everyone to see me with him! I just wanted to show him off to the world!

We touched down at home, got to our car, and E got to ride in a car seat for the very first time! We then got home to a surprise, as his aunt Kate had decorated the house for us!!!!!

We took him in, put him down on the carpet and kept saying over and over, Welcome home!!!!

Of course, with it being 3am... we were beat.... so off to bed we went... the THREE of us!!!!!

I didnt sleep much that night...just wanted to listen to E sleep.... and know that he was there.

In the morning, we were off to one of our fav restaurants to show him off! He seemed to enjoy all the attention....especially since the ladies were simply fawning over him!

Fast forward 3 years.... and E still loves the ladies...and the ladies still love him!

He is becoming such a wonderful little man! He talks our ears off, he loves to give random hugs, he kisses, he high-fives, he runs, he jumps.... He's just awesome!

I still cannot believe how blessed we are.

It's been a wonderful 3 years!!!!! Cant wait to see what the next years are like!!!!

Sitting round the pool! Who Loves ya baby????

All dressed up for his First Night of Monday Night Football!!!!! Go Pack Go!!!!

First Night At HOME!!!!!!

18 months old... One of my Favorite Pictures!

3.5 Years old....and one of the pure joys of our lives!


Vanessa said...

HAPPY THIRD HOMECOMING!! How amazing is it that our lives can change so much in an instant? May the next three years be just as exciting as the last!!!

Rhonda said...

What wonderful memories. He is one gorgeous little boy. it is amazing how quickly time goes by!!!

Kerri said...

What great memories!!!
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

Leslie said...

Happy forever family day!!! What two totally different stories on both of your boys!!! They both are just handsome as can be!!! All of your kids are perfect!


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

You know I think E is an adorable little man! Since I have met him I know how blessed you are to be his mom. He is a doll! Congratulations!!!

Kathy said...

Happy Belated 3rd Anniversary! October really is a special month for your family!! E is adorable.