Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home Show Fun!

Last week while listening to the radio, dh heard about a web offer for free tickets to a home improvement show. You know, the trade shows with all the displays and such....Well... we usually go anyways.... so, even better if it is free!

Of course, it's fun to have others... so Big Sis and her dh and kids went... and the Little Lady's Madrina and her little guy D came also! We had a great time!

We knew there would be things for the kids to, double bonus!!!!!!!!

For the kids, the Home Depot had a "workshop" on making wooden tool boxes and birdhouses!
They got the kits, an apron with their names on it, and a pin of what they made.

Best thing...they got to watch Mom and Dad work on it for them! *laughs*
We let the boys try.... they were more interested in eating popcorn though....

They also had a petting zoo for them.... it wasnt much of a petting zoo... more like 3 baby lambs and 2 young alpaca's and a big furry bunny.... but the kids got a kick out of, job done!

Rainbow Playsets had some of their big swingsets set up and let the kids play on those... and a home improvement company had a big moonwalk that the kids enjoyed.... but...the ultimate highlight of the entire day.... was....


Yes...that's right.... SpongeBob SquarePants....THE SpongeBob SquarePants was at the Home Improvement show!!!!! How lucky for us!!!!!

Our kids just hogged him.... there were kids waiting in line...and our boys would NOT leave him along... talking to him, trying to give him their candy...putting stickers on him.... pulling his nose.... asking him to sing.... on and on....
It was funny to watch them just surround him! Poor Guy! But, guess he should be happy that he has fans!!!!! and he has 4 HUGE fans in the boys and their BFF, D!
Well.... here are some pics from our Very exciting day!!!!

BFF D proudly showing off his craftsmanship on his birdhouse!

F showing off his toolbox!

K reflecting on a day's work while holding onto his birdhouse.

Trying to take a pic with SpongeBob!!!

K is absolutely THRILLED to hold SpongeBob's hand!!!

D courting our Little Lady.

Our Little Lady Patiently waiting for her dinner!


Farrah said...

How fun...We had the Home Depot workshop at our Christmas Festival! It was fun..

And Sponge Bob how awesome..

Little lady looks wonderful...

How cute all your kids are!!

Lund7 said...

All my kids (ages 14 down to 20 months) LOVE Spongebob! Great pictures!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Sounds like a great time! Love that they wouldn't leave Spongebob alone : )

As always all the kiddos are adorable!

Rhonda said...

What a fun time. Our girls LOVE (hubby too, truth be told) Spongebob!!!!

mom2joelito said...

Good post! I showed my mom-she got a kick out of seeing the pics of Danny and your kids! Danny is so proud of his birdhouse. Can't wait to paint it!

JW said...

You have a beautiful family. Love your blog. God Bless!