Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Day Together

Today being MLK day... I didnt have school. So, we decided to do somethings that we had been putting off for a while.

We HAD to get haircuts for the boys!
Gosh...their hair was getting all fluffy and stuff.... their hair was over their ears and everything!
So, we actually took them to one of those kids specific hair cut places! They really enjoyed it!
They had a slide and toys to play with while we waited.... and when it was actually time to get your hair cut, you could sit in Lighting McQueen, A cozy Coupe, an Airplane, a firetruck, or a little pink car! You could also pick a dvd to watch... or even play a video game!
So... all the boys wanted Lightning McQueen... and SpongeBob! They all did well enough to each get a sucker and a balloon!

Afterwards, we were off to Ikea... remind me NOT to go to Ikea on a holiday again! HORRIBLE!
Although... E and K did get to stay in the play they had a fabulous time!
F and L were stuck with us.... but we made it out of there leaving behind less than $50! Got some cool stuff in the process... some picture frames... and some silverware and plates/cups for the kids.
Oooo could I spend the $$$ in that store!

Getting super excited about tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F Before

F looking much better after!

E not happy that I was snapping this pic, thus taking his attention away from SpongeBob.

K sitting on the slide step with his rewards!

The little Lady didnt get a haircut...but she did get to sit in the pink car!


Farrah said...

WOW I wanna go there and get my hair cut!! What an awesome looking place!

Daphne said...

Very cute!