Sunday, May 18, 2008

10 Months

Yesterday, our little Lady became 10 months old!

She can sit up, turn from back to front (sometimes), loves to growl, can screech, eats 2 jars of food at meals, loves her pacha, is beginning to hold her own pacha, and is generally happy all day long. She sure loves her baths now also! Oh.. yea... and... She is a Momma's girl!!!!! Good for Momma! Not so happy for Daddy.

She had her 1st Dr's appointment two days ago. She has been filling her diapers way too often and it was just getting worse and worse, so we took her in. Turns out she has an ear infection (no signs of one though) and probably a stomach virus. So, the dr took her off of Nan1 and put her on some formula for kids that have protein and lactose issues. It really stinks and is expensive but it has helped a little bit. Lucky for us, she hasnt acted sick or anything...

She is still not sleeping at night. I know it is normal and I did expect it, it is just difficult to do while in the midst of it. I crave my sleep and maybe it's a touch more difficult for me because of that. I noticed the other day though just what a bi^@# I have become... I promptly put the boys down for a nap and took the little lady and her pacha to bed with me. Surprising she did take a little nap. I felt much better afterwards too!

The weather here had been beautiful so we did get out in the backyard to play and to the park. L loves the swing! I"m sooo happy! The boys love the swings too...but I wish they could get the whole "pumping" thing down! I have to do all the work!!! By the time all 4 of them have been on the swings for 30 min or so, mom has certainly had a workout!!

Cant wait till the water park is open!!!! I just LOVE the pool!!! I have a feeling that we will be there quite often this summer! I'm also trying to plan a time to go to my parents house.... they live on a very nice lake up north. I grew up swimming all summer... cant wait for my kids to have the same experiences! I know this year they will be the right height to be able to get out in the water!!! They also love spending time with Grandma and Grandpa! I like having a little, tiny bit of a break! IT's a win-win for everyone!!!!

Well.... all good things much come to an end.... at least I have a reminder of what my desk looks like!


Kerri said...

Happy 10 months!!! Those first days home are so tough but you know better than many that it does get better.
It warms my heart to see pics of your sweet girl at home.
Kerri and Ruby

nora said...

Feliz 10 meses! Cecilia is right behind you guys! Can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer and we can head for the lake too. Do you guys ever get to Mpls.?

Debbie said...

YOU ARE HOME!!!! I missed it some how! I am glad things are going well and she is a mommy's girl! She is gorgeous!!

Heidy is a mommy's girl too!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I hope our next one will be too!!


The M. Herndon Family said...

Miranda also had the crazy loose poop for about a week. I was really getting tired of changing outfits and sheets! We did some lab work (no results yet), but everything is better now. Don't know if it was the water, stress or perhaps a virus. My 6 year old son had diarrhea and vomiting for about 24 hours, too.
Looking forward to keeping up with you...we have a lot in common with older boys and just bringing our girls home!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Happy 10 months!! She is so cute! I love the pic of her in the sink!

I hopw things get better with sleeping. It can only get better right?!?

Candy said...

HAPPY 10 months Jagger had his 8 months bday today too...and he had the SLEEP ISSUES becasue of his Ear Infections...once it left he is sleeping better...girl I LIVE TO SLEEP...REALLY so it was kicking MY BUTT....So happy to see you home. HUGS

Ferrick said... quickly a day goes by wait when the wait to get them home went at a turtles pace
!!! Happy 10 months, may you enjoy every moment. Susie

Ruth said...

I missed your arrival home too! Congrats and so happy to hear things are going well. I LOVE my sleep so definitely feel your pain. We are Connecticut bound within 30 days. Looks like we'll be expanding the Guatemalan population of the Woodbury area by 3!