Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm only a half... (political ranting)

Well... this post may or may not have anything to do with the kids....

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) decided today to seat Michigan and Florida's delegates to the national convention in Denver this August.
However... the old rule of One person = One vote isnt going to hold true in this primary for residents of this state. their infinite wisdom *gag* they decided to only count each person's vote as 1/2 of a vote.
You can get the full story Here.

I got to watch quite a bit of the Michigan part. It was quite interesting. Senator Levin and former Rep. David Bonior (who I havnt seen publicly in a while) were both very good speakers in front of the committee. Unfortunately I did miss the Clinton's supporters speech...but I did get Bonior (who supports Obama).

First off... I'm glad that SOMETHING in this primary is going to count for us.
Second... I really hope that they change the way they do things for the next time around.
Third... what better way to divide our party and to distract from the goal of the bigger picture of the election than to put the two candidates supporters and have them go against each other in this fashion.

I'm soo tired of these primaries.... let's have them ALL on ONE flippin we do the election! Why should Iowa and NH decide the candidate???? maybe this year they havnt...but they sure have ruined some candidates this year.
I'm also upset at the Us vs. Them attitude when talking about Clinton vs. Obama.
It isnt Us vs. Them YET!!! It's who is the BEST candidate for the BIG vote in Nov!!!
I'm an Obama supporter...however... if, somehow he doesnt get the nod... I'm voting Hillary in Nov. Remember the fact that both are Democrats!!! They have some differences between them...but NOTHING that would cause me to jump parties. So.... why would Hillary supporters vote for Bush3 if she doesnt get the nod???? If you are a Dem on Monday.... why wouldnt you be one on Tues??? Cuz another Dem is the candidate??? Makes NO sense to me at all.
So.... we wait again till Tues... and see if anyone has enough of the elected delegates to become the candidate.... otherwise I'm afraid we will be waiting till Aug. What a horrible summer that would be.

I'm currently watching "Recount"... it isnt helping my mood at all!!! But it is a good movie if one is into politics!
I'm also currently reading "The Nine"... it's a deep look into the lives and going ons in the Supreme Court. It is very interesting for me. I've followed the Supreme Court pretty closely for the past 8 years or so... and it's nice to get some more background on the people who are making these all important decisions.... decisions that will and do impact not only our lives NOW...but my kids lives! I came across the thoughts behind Bush vs. Gore 2000.... that inspired me to watch this movie.

Yet another reason as to why people really need to consider their choice in candidate.
The next president is going to be able to nominate AT Least 2-3 Supreme Court Justices!
The average justice lasts 15-20 years on the court.
So.... this next president can affect us for at least that long! It's certainly clear in my own life...that this current president has already affected me and my kids for the past 7 years... and thanks to his nominations.... I'm afraid of how conservative the court is going to become. Thanks to things like the Patriot Act and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security we have already lost soo many of our civil liberties. How many more will the court decide the founders really never intended???? The right to privacy (which has been able to hold up MANY important cases) is believed by the conservative judges as to NOT be included in the original constitution. Scary stuff.... truly scary stuff...
Obviously... since wiretapping and such is now legal due to 9-11...guess privacy HAS been thrown out in many instances.

The more I watch this movie... the more I pray that this fiasco doesnt happen this time around.
Every vote HAS to count! Even if it isnt for the candidate I want it for... it isnt right that votes are not counted... or that people are kept from the polls... such as in Florida and in Ohio in the past 2 elections.

Well... guess I'm done for the night on that.... Movie is getting very interesting.


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

I know, a 1/2 a vote soooo I am a 1/2 a person soooo I only have to pay 1/2 as much taxes?!? Stupid, stupid.

And the Supreme Court is just scary if a Republican gets into office.

Candy said...

Hey girly YOUR ONE MONTH is just around the CORNER too...CAN YOU BELIEVE the differance in how TIME FLYS before and after they are home? How is being MOMMY OF FOUR? Girl I am so impressed...Mommy of TWO kicking my BOOTY most days. Mr Kenny must help a lot for you to keep your head on straight...I swear yesterday I litterly had POOP on my hand 3 times and changed at least 6 poopy diapers...YUCKY...haha

How are the boys LOVING a sister and how about you having a GIRL????


Leslie said...

Will you still be our friend even thou we are republicans ? LOL The good thing is we can agree that we have the prettiest Guatebabies in the world!!!

Your Republican friend,Leslie

Dont worry we will never talk politics when we meet..BORING ZZZZZZZZZ LOL