Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Moving right along...

Well...it's official that our Lady L is officially mobile!
She's crawling around, climbing up the stairs, and has climbed up on the couch and down to the floor.
She is also eating cheerios!!!!!! Yea for solid food!!!! I'm soo over the jars of baby food round here... so I'll be so glad when she can eat most everything in real food!
Just a tad bit of advice.... stay away from jars of baby food labeled "Broccoli & Chicken"!!!!
Unless of course you need to vomit... it stinks!!! It is HORRIBLE!!!! Plus... the aftermath is NOT welcomed! Ok... you have NOW been warned!!!!
Things are going well otherwise... we had our garage sale... didnt sell everything... or a lot that I thought for sure would sell...but we made about $175 so I cant complain about that. We will be donating most of the clothes left over...cuz I sure dont need that many clothes in my basement.
My parents were down for the weekend and we had a good time... they even took E overnight on Sat... so he got to stay at the hotel with them. It was pretty exciting for him! I would like to say it gave us a break too...but... well we still had 3 at home... so not much was different! Next time, I'll try to convince them to take a couple of em...then that would be a break!
I did get to see SATC yesterday!!!!
Yes!!! I went to an actual adult movie!!!! Thanks Aunt Kate!!!!!!!!
It was a good movie! Although I cried like a fool.... I cry at movies... real life... not so sad sometimes.... movie life... the tears just fall! It's embarrassing sometimes! Anyways... the movie had some great parts to it...and I'm glad that I got to see it... although I do now miss the series not being on! At least HBO could bring back Big love!!! Please!!!!
K had his ears checked today... and we found out that his tubes have fallen out of his ears.
He doesnt have an infection right now (which is great!) so in 6 months he will have another hearing test to make sure his hearing is still up to par.

Well finally... those that pray.... those that dont pray but send happy wishes....
Please keep me in mind on June 12!
I'm having my tonsils out... and I'm already beginning to freak out a little.
I have one more week...and then I have been promised that I will be miserable for at least 2 weeks.... what a great thing to look forward to....
Hopefully this will take care of some of my throat pain and curb my throat infections!


Ferrick said...

Oh girl, I know exactly how you feel. I had to have gal bladder surgery a couple years ago and I had myself all worked up about it. Your going to be great and I will absolutely be praying for you. Blessings, Susie

Kerri said...

Yay, little missy!!!
We'll be thinking of you when you have surgery. Hope all goes well and you have a speedier-than-anticipated recovery.
Kerri and Ruby

Jillicious said...

Oh, a night out to the movies... I remember those!!!!!!!!! Glad you had fun!

I will pray for a smooth tonsil surgery.... and lots of ice cream for you afterwards!


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Wow she is already crawling! What a big girl!

And a night out! without kids and an adult movie, you lucky thing : )

We will be thinking about you on the 12th. At least you get to eat ice cream for a while right?