Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Whole Month?

I've check the calendar a couple of times....
I know it's true... I just cant wrap my mind around it.
I asked dh.... he didn't believe it either. He had to check the calendar also....

Our little lady has been home with us for an entire month!

She is right next to me... sleeping... where she has been sleeping for the past month. In our bed.
In some ways, she has always been here... in other ways... we are still getting to know each other. Each day brings more smiles and different looks from her. Every day her brothers find something more to do with her and for her. Tonight, E told me... "mom... L is really pretty isn't she!" Then he planted a huge kiss on her forehead... which of course lead K and F to come over and kiss her also! They all then tell me that they love their sister.
I love it! I really hope they truly do love having a sister... as much as I love having them as sons and having L as a daughter.
She is still young... so she is a lot like her brothers. Others reactions to her of course are different though... and I find myself reacting to her a little differently. It hasn't been as weird as I thought it would be. She has actually been fitting in very well!
It is a change to have a non-walker in the house of course, but other than that, she has been fitting in nicely.
She wakes up in the morning with the cutest grin on her face!
It's my morning reminder of just how blessed I am!


Kerri said...

She is one lucky girl to have those sweet big brothers! Nothing's better than that sibling love.
It really is hard to believe it's only been one month and it's already been a whole month. So glad she's home with you.
Kerri and Ruby

Ferrick said...

I know exactly how you are feeling, its still overwhelmingly wonderful! I am still awed at how quick time is now compared to the eternity of waiting to get through the process and bring her home. So happy to hear all is going well for you and your family. Blessings, Susie