Monday, June 30, 2008


Here is the invite I made today for L's bday/welcome party!

I'm having them printed at vista-print as we speak!

If anyone wants to attend, let me know and I'll get one to ya that has actual info on it!!!!
We are supposed to have a taco bar, other food, and of course, cake and ice cream!!!
I'm not really doing a theme for this one... as... it's difficult, cost $$$, and I have left over stuff from her brother's parties... so it's gonna just be a party!
I'm just glad I was productive this afternoon!!! Even if it was just this... but hey... Little lady is actually taking a nap today!!!!


Kerri said...

Ooh, I wish we were close enough to come! I bet it will be a great party!!!
Kerri and Ruby

Candy said...

Ok girl your an INTIRE YEAR post brought back some major memories...for me have know idea how you all HIGHLY ENTERTAINED the CRAZY lady living in the MARRIOTT...HAHA...You all always had great stories and you will always be apart of MY summer full of FAMILIES I love in Guatemala...Hugs Candy and Kya Blu....and Jagger too

The M. Herndon Family said...

Wish that we lived close enough to come so Miranda and Lady L could be friends! The invitations look great.

Kathy said...

Great invitation!! Hope you have a terrific party!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Oh, I wish we could make it! We have a suprise 60th Anniversary for Jenny's aunt and uncle on that day.

I hope you guys all have fun and I love the invitation!

So glad to hear that little Miss L is taking a nap!

Tara said...

The invitation looks adorable! I think your party is going to be awesome (how could it not be with those awesome little ones). I can't wait to see pics :) PS...I borrowed your Obama Mama Bobblehead html a while ago and totally forgot to give you props for that!

Donna said...

Send me an invite please!!!! Love the way you designed it and the idea about the donations, I am going to steal that one from you for the boys parties. Nick turns 2 tomorrow!! I don't even have invites out yet, I am having the party on the 26th of July. Family from Florida will be able to be here then.

Gotta run, hitting the beach again today.