Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun at G'Parents House!

My mom had to have some testing on Friday... so I decided to come up north with the kids in tow to spend some time with her and my dad.

We have had a great time!!! I'll be sad to be heading home.

We have had two lunches at McD's of course! Now made even more exciting because of the "Kung Fu Panda" toys they now have! OH man... those boys are BEGGING to go see that movie! Of course we will give in... but just gotta pick a day to do so!

We also went to the park! This park is the same park I used to play in as a kid... guess what?? They still have the same darn toys!!! Really.... haven't updated the place a bit! Not that it really needs updating... but wow... those toys really last!!!!!

Our little lady just keeps on going and going!!! She is crawling super fast now! She is also pulling herself up very quickly now. She has begun to play by herself...which is great! She has been having great fun by pulling toys out of the basket after their brothers have put the toys IN the box! She also had a great time pulling g'pa's magazines out of their rack....and phone books... those are sooo fun to pull off the shelf!!!! 2 foot body.... 10 foot arms!!!!!

The only downfall to this weekend, besides my mom having medical tests, the storms!

Thursday... storm after storm after storm... Lost power for a few hours... thankfully after the boys went to bed!!!

Friday... beautiful during the day.... storms all night

Sat... it was beautiful all morning and early afternoon, then the wind started up... and now we have storms coming in for the evening.

2 years ago E and I stayed here for a month while dh was in Zimbabwe (nursing a back injury...couldn't go!) and we had the worst month for storms... we were without power for 2 days or so! My parents live on a large lake... so it seems to make the storms worse somehow. Their electrical lines are also above ground... which causes them to be more susceptible to damage. They lose power here quite often!

G'pa is certainly taken with our little lady! He has been hugely doting on her! Feeding her, giving her pachas, just holding her! It's amazing! He was so sick when both E and K came home... and now... well he is just absolutely loving on his grand babies! Our little lady also seems to be quite taken with her g'pa! Of course, g'ma has also been getting in her time! Cant forget her either!

G'pa with the little lady!

Did some retail therapy at the scrapbook store also!!! Cant wait!!! I needed to get two new scrapbooks for the boys... since I am done with their "infant" books... and I'm into their toddler books. I really dont think that their baby books would hold another page!!! they are bursting at the seams now!!! I still have the goal of catching up...before law school!!! A difficult goal it may be... but hey... we all have to dream, right????

This week is going to prove to be not so good...
We are headed home tomorrow... which is fine... but we are headed home cuz I have to have my pre-op on Monday....
Hopefully on Tues or Wed morning... we may just be at the movies....
Thursday.... surgery....
Friday..... uggggggg..... dont want to think bout it........

Oh well... gonna try to have a great week till Thursday!!!

I'll have a great week after that.... as long as they give me some awesome pain meds!!!!!

Hmmm... yea..... guess I'll have to see bout that!

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Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Wow! those toys do need to be updated! I guess if they still work then who cares right?!? Little lady is so cute and I am so glad to see her in purple! I know you probably won't put her in pink will you? You are such a rebel! As always the boys are adorable.