Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our adventuresome weekend!

I have been on the internet since the late 80's early 90's.
I started out on bbs's. I would dial into a specific bbs (buliten board system) and read and post messages. You couldnt post pics... no chat function... but wow was it fun!
By time I got to college, I was really heavy into bbsing. I'd spend up to 8 hours a day on bbs's... these were real time bbs.... like chat functions... I'l be chatting with numerous people at a time. One reason I'm such a good typer!!!
I was also on the internet as we know it today.
When we began to look into adoption, I began to look into adoption forums. There are many of them out there but eventually you find the ones you fit better on, and I've stuck with many of them even three years and 4 kids later.

Over the years, I've chatted with people I already knew, met people I had talked to online, and met people irl and then found out that I knew them from online also! Most have been positive expierences... a couple have been just plain wierd.... and I wouldnt call any of them a complete disaster.

Yesterday (Saturday) dh and I had another forum meeting and we had a great time!
We met up with G and J and their little girl M! M is also from Guatemala and that is how I got to talking to G. She also had the same inept agency and same incompetant facilitator... so that gave us something in common also!

We had a great time! The boys just loved that they had a water table to play with and a sand box!!! Although at times they tried to mix the two of them together... they still had a lot of fun!
We were fed lunch, the boys ate them out of house and home, and the boys slept all the way home!!!!

Thanks for having us! All of us had a great time!!!

So... if there are those of you out there that have never tried to actually meet online friends in real life, I'll be the first to tell you to take that chance. You could end up having a great time.

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