Friday, May 2, 2008

We are here!!!!

I'm actually typing at the computer... listening to the disco...and NOT hearing any crying!!!!!!!!!!

We are in Guatemala City and we are officially a family of S-I-X!!!!!!!!!!!

Our little lady was brought to us last night, right on time (yes...shocker)! We barely had any time to un pack or get anything arranged....but we did have time to take a dip in the completely cold and dirty pool.

Her foster mom and her son stayed to have dinner with us...and then they went home around 9pm. It was very difficult to get them home though!!!! We told them we would get them a cab...since it is like 3 hours to get home by bus. The hotel called a special cab (cuz of where they live) and it took him 20 min to get here.... so he gets here... we say our good buys and such...and I go down to see them off and pay for the cab. Well he doesnt go to their part of town... So.... the son starts to flag down cabs... Nope, Nope, too far... the guy at the steak house calls a cab... we wait for him... yea... too far for him also.... so... finally, and HOUR later.... the steakhouse guy's friend shows up and He will take them home!!!! I knew the foster mom was going to have a difficult time... her other foster daughter had left the previous Sat... and now she was going home to a childless house.... She did hand her over though.... little lady looked quite perterbed.... but, she didnt start crying till she got back in our room.... then she let loose till 5am. Took an hour nap...and started all over again till 9am. Perfectly normal, perfectly expected, perfectly heartbreaking. What do you say to your new child whos life you have just completely turned around???? All I kept saying is: sorry... sorry.... sorry. Maybe not the most elequont words ever spoken....but certainly the truth.

She is NOW sleeping though!!!!!! E is with W his Godmother, while K and F are both also sleeping. All of our previous foster moms were here today! Talk about a busy day! When our neighbors called them earlier in the week...we asked them to tell the foster moms to CALL us on Thursday... somewhere in the translations though it ended up. COME FOR LUNCH... ON THURSDAY. So... where you may ask do you take a group of about 20 people, 4 of whom are children??? Of course... to the Golden Arches!!!! That's right! McD's.... the kids played their hearts out.... which is why they are sleeping now.... so no... I'm not complaining.

We are moving hotels tomorrow. This hotel is really nice. Nothing hugely wrong with it....but not really appropriate for 4 kids. Now... I understand that short of Disney (YUCK!) there are NOT very many hotels that are appropriate for 4 under 4....but still... this one is decorated in antiques... Not replicated antiques... REAL and expensive ones! The hotel does have a pool... but even I thought the pool was absolutly freezing...and in dire needs of a cleaning. We are also lacking AC.... now... being from a cold climate and craving the cold weather.... this is horrible for me. However, even dh, sun-lover, thinks it is too damm hot in the room. I am sitting here sweating while I type.... not a good thing!!!!
So...tomorrow, we are moving hotels on our way to Antigua. Gonna do some shopping, some walking, and then come back and do some swimming!

I have been trying to post pics...but some reason I cannot attach them right now.... I will try tomorrow!!!!!!


Donna said...

Can't wait to see the photos!!!! So happy for your family. I wish we were in Antigua right now, the food the shopping, I miss it all, and the babies of course!!


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

So happy for you! I can't believe you have no AC! I hate being hot too.

So sorry baby girl is sad. I know you know what to do...with being through it 4 times now. I can't wait to see pics and are you going to tell us what you guys are naming her?!? or are you going to be mysterious?

Debbie said...

WOW congrats on being the family of 6 and getting your little gal!! I know you will comfort however you can!!

Have fun and take lots of pictures!!


Kerri said...

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment but I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see pics when you have time to post them.
Kerri and Ruby