Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time flying by

Just a'swinging!

F at the bottom on the Slide!

K posing on the ladder for me!

E enjoying the play area!

I cannot believe how quick the weeks are flying by!
While we were waiting for our little lady, (and each of our boys) time just stood still. A week took a month. Now that I am a momma to 4 little ones... wow... What day is it again??? :)
Our little Lady is doing very well!
She started crawling early in the week... she is pulling herself up onto the couch and is cruising everywhere... she is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth... she is trying to feed herself... and she is giving us more and more smiles every day!
She still prefers me well over dh. But, he feeds her dinner (which is why I'm able to update this blog!) and he has been giving her a bottle or two a day. She is still not napping... but... we were warned!
She still needs to have me around all the time.... which is great! But my back doesnt think so! Really... i'm just glad to get away for a minute or two!
The boys are still handling things well... we are getting ready to paint her they are disappointed that she isnt going to sleep in their room. They also are afraid of us painting cuz they are worried bout our friend staying with us... as if he couldnt sleep in a purple, flowerin room!
We have had the "lost penis" conversations!!!
E and K have both been worried that she has lost her penis.... so we have been explaining that boys have penis's and girls have vagina's. The first time, E looked really confused and told me that HE wanted a gina instead! I told him to wait till he was older... that seemed to satisfy him. Now though it's a question at every diaper change. He also likes to tell people that she is a boy and she has a gina. I'm sure they will "get" it soon enough! It's funny as all hell though!
My parents are down for this weekend cuz we are having a yard sale!!!!
I have SOOOO many flipping baby clothes!!!! I'm hoping to sell at least half! Which could probalby clothe 50 kids! We are also selling E's crib, the changing table, and a whole lot of toys! I'm sad to see the crib go... but L wont be using it. She is already climbing... so right into a toddler bed for her! The changing table... adios! The couch or floor is MUCH more practical anyways... especially now that the kids are older and heavyer. The only one who used the ct anyways was E.
One persons treasure...... :)


Kerri said...

Time does fly, doesn't it. Love the pics. Your boys are too cute and I love your response to E wanting a gina. That was great.
Kerri and Ruby

The M. Herndon Family said...

We had the same penis conversation last night when my 6 year old son took a bath with Miranda for the first time. He said..."I see her penis!" and I said, "But, she doesn't have a penis..." and the conversation continued from there. We talked about how God made everyone different!
I also never used the changing table. The floor is much easier, I agree!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Isn't funny how fast the time flys. I can't imagine how full your day is with 4, my word. All the kids are ADORABLE : )

Donna said...

Wish we would have been your way for the big sale! I'm sure you had a ton of cute boy clothes!

We have had the penis talk many times, Evan likes to tell everyone that mommy does not have a penis!