Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another year...

Well... I have made it another year!

Yesterday was the 31st anniversary of my arrival!

Kinda hard to believe. Just a few years ago I would have thought that someone in their 30's was ancient. Someone that old was just completely out of touch with reality and soo uncool.

I guess I have the uncool part down... It's kinda difficult to be "cool" with 4 under 4. I would qualify for certifiably insane some days though... however, I'm not sure I'm on my way to being on the A list quite yet.

I do have many things to be thankful for as this momentous day has come and gone.

First, my family. My mom and dad were able to join my dh, E, K, F, and lady L in wishing me a very Happy Birthday! I never really imagined, even a few years ago, that I was going to be a mom to 4 little ones.... but I am so very blessed to be in my situation.

I am also blessed that I am preparing to enter Law School. *said in deep, dark, movie preview type voice*

Who would have thought at at my advancing age, I would be able to try to start a new career???

I guess I am just truly blessed for all of what life has given me. Even the bad times, I have tried to use for the lessons contained within. Things may not have always gone as planned...but maybe things DO happen for a reason.

I had a pretty good day... I got to have breakfast at Denny's! Yes... that's a treat... in college, it was a requirement...but lately... it's an event! Our favorite waitress was there....and she even showered me with a hot fudge brownie sundae!!! Yes... the kids loved my birthday too!

Got to have dinner at BD's Mongolian BBQ!!!!!!! Oh my... I L-O-V-E this place!!!!

Yes...another free hot fudge sundae!!!!

Got home and our neighbors were throwing away a perfectly used kids bike! Oh such a treat!!!!

I was also able to pick out an alarm clock radio that charges my ipod and can play my ipod music and I got some scrapbooking supplies...including a way cool shape cutter!!!!!

My dh even stayed home from his softball game!!!! Now THAT never happens!!!!

Reality did set in for me though at about midnight.... see, we waited till the kids went to bed to cut my cake (which I ordered and paid for myself...thank you).

Reality of my 31 years is that instead of toasting myself with champagne or or the champagne of beers... I got to toast myself with a raised glass of Mylanta! Cheers to nighttime heartburn!!!

Cheers to myself for many, many more years of the good, the bad, and yes... sometimes the ugly.

Here is a pic of my beautiful cake!!!!

Here is a pic of a very tired me... holding on to my heartburn inducer!!!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you could enjoy your day with your family. That is the best way to celebrate it.

Ferrick said...

Happy Birthday Denise! Susie

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Denise! Hope you have many more blessed ones to come.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love the cake too!

Candy said...

Hey YOU I turn 32 this SAT...and My day will probally go much like yours even the Mylata. HAPPY BDAY and HUGS

ANDREEA said...

Denise,happy birthday!I love the cake!It was so beautiful!!!

jill marie said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!