Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catchin up...

Well, life gets busy.
Internet connections come and go... Dh's "dont touch the computers" (according to him of course...must have been the computers gnomes or something)

I have my connection on in my basement now...but CANNOT for the life of me get the connection going on my laptop. Of course.... I cant be in bed with the little lady and be downstairs on the computer. I am now...but I have an ear to the floor listening for the smallest little peep.

Soo.... we have been to the zoo, been to chuck e cheese, been to a friends house, and have now spent two days playing outside in our little toddler pool.

We went to our local zoo.... gosh, it had been at least 17 years since I had been there... I've been to the zoo south of us... but not our local zoo.... We had a good time... we went with E (my stepdaughter), C (grandson), A (granddaughter), P and D (good friend and my boys bff), and we also took our neighbors son F with us (who is the same age as our grandson).

We were there pretty much the whole day.... highlight of the day was that our boys got to ride on their first train ride!!!!! They laughed pretty much through it!

Last Sunday, we went to church, and then we headed down to our friends house to go in their pool and to have a cookout! D & T have two children and they are also from Guatemala! Their daughter is E's age...while their son is 2 years older... we actually met them while we were visiting E and they were taking their daughter home. They used the same incompetent agency...but they lucked out and got the industrious facilitator and not the same one as us. Anyways... we have kept in touch and tried to get together a few times a year... we always have a lot of fun and this time was no exception.

It has been super hot round here the past couple of days... so dh finally got the kiddie pool out!!! The boys have been having a blast in it!!!!! I cant believe we waited so long! But, the boys are making up for lost time! They were in it for 3 hours last night... In it at 9:30 till 12 today...and then from 6:30 till 8:30p tonight. Last thing they asked us when they went to bed... "Can we go in the pool in the morning????".

Hmmm...supposed to be in the 90's again... I'm sure there is a very good chance they will be in the water tomorrow also!

Here are some pics from the past week!

Even sitting on a bench at a park is fun!!!!

F and D on the train ride!

(no...I didnt capture the most thrilling of moments...)

E and K on the train ride at the zoo!

(they really DID enjoy the ride! I promise!)


Leslie said...

How funny you have them on doggie leashes..I used to have a leash on my oldest when she was little..YOu rock!!! LOL

Great pics!

One Busy Momma said...

They are NOT leashes!!! They are toddler trainers!!!!! :)