Thursday, July 31, 2008

Missing a few things...

So... here I am up north at my parents house.
I came up here to get some scrapbooking done, both digi and paper, take the kids swimming, and of course, hang out with my parents.
Well...somewhere between my basement and van, many things got left behind.
All of my digital pics.... laptop!....the kid's water floats....and some other stuff that I may need throughout the week.... like deodorant and stuff. I also walked out without my darn stickers for paper scrapping!!!!! Hello!!!!!!
Now... the store has some things that I forgot... but I dont want to buy a new laptop... they dont have pics of my kids (well not YET anyways!)... and they are all sold out of floaties.

I have gotten some paper scrapping done... minus the stickers of course.... and we have been swimming every day we have been here! So... not all complaining! However, it would have been nice to NOT have a huge brain fart before I left!

Two large occasions have happened since we have been up here though!!!!
K is now very actively potty training!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!
I swear.... Once I get these guys all out of diapers.... I'm just gonna walk around with a perpetual grin!
Our little lady has also been learning how to fall asleep by herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, due to room space here she is still sleeping in bed with me at night... but now I"m able to lay her down with her pacha and actually leave!!!! Since the room I am staying in doesnt have tv or anything, I'm sooo glad!!!!! Just cant handle that darn 8pm bedtime right now!

I also got my law school schedule!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 17 more days till I begin law school!!!!!!!!!
Yes! I am completely frightened!!!!!! But, excited also! But, scared mainly.

I need to get going on buying books! I wish I would have known how much these darn books were going to cost!!!!! All of them are new editions.... so unlike in undergrad... and amazon aren't a whole lot of help! OH well..... I already have homework so I have got to act quickly! Dont want to get behind before I've even started!!!!!!!!!


Candy said...

Girl I can;t get over you raising 4 kids all toddlers and going to law wonder you forgot the stickers...I would probally forget MY PANTS if I tried to do something like that...HUGS

ANDREEA said...

All my respect for you,you are a GREAT mother,I dont' know if I could ever do what you do...I am afriaid when I think of just one kid,but I have my mom to help me:))
God belss you,and give you all the good things that you never dreamd of.:))