Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feliz Primero Cumpleaños!

Happy First Birthday Little Lady!!!

One year ago today, our little lady made her entrance into the world!

We only had a 4 day notice of course... but it was still highly exciting news!!!!!!!

She has been with us a little over 2 months now! Everyone is kinda settled into their places and it's becoming "normal" around here again. Uh... yes... "normal"... like a house could ever be normal with 4 flipping kids 3, and under!!!!!

Anyways... we set out today to take the little lady to Cesarland per E's request... since he told us;" Today is a special day and on special days we go to Cesarland!"

Who can argue with that?????

So, two phone calls later, we are all set for Cesarland aka winter evening lifesaver!

Horror of all Horrors!!!!!!

It had closed up 3 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the H$%^ are we going to do now?????????????

Not tonight of course... but this winter??? Next winter???? the winter after that????

We cant go to CeC all the time!!! It's too damm expensive!!!! Cesarland was perfect for us!

So... a phone call was made... and we were off to McD's.... thrilling... absolutely thrilling.... *puke*

We hadnt been to this particular McD's before... and probably wont go again anytime before winter. Their playland faces west... and it must have been 200 degrees in there!

But, even with the heat, it was nice to see P and D (friend and boy's bff) and the boys seemed to have fun playing along with our granddaughter since her and her mom rode with us.

We had stopped by Meijer's and found a cake at the last minute... it was cute... Little Kitty. Not my first choice...but hey! wasnt anything to do with a princess! So, guess it was perfect! Surprising very tasty also!

We didnt do gifts today... L doesnt know its her bday.... and we are having the family party on the 27th... so we will do gifts then. Plus... I ordered 2 of her gifts today... online... so.... couldnt have given them to her anyways! Good mom!!! Buying online gifts the DAY of her bday!!!

I wont get away with that much longer!!!! Especially when my boys wanted to know where the new toys were!!!!

Well... here are some pics from today!!!!

Yummmy.... CAKE!!!! Yummm.....

( girl can eat! Like her momma!)

You CANNOT take my cake away!!!!

I am better now that I have my Birthday Crown!


Kerri said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl!!!
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

ANDREEA said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!You are so sweet,love you!!!!!:))
ps:thank you for your kind words,may God hear you:))

Ferrick said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Susie
p.s. love the cake face pictures

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Happy Birthday little L!!!! She looks so mad that you took away her cake, how dare you!!!