Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Well... this was a fun weekend for all of us!
Friday night... shopping for me, movie for the kids...
Saturday... we all slept in!!!!!!
We stayed in our pj's all morning! Just lounged around.... watched some tv... hung out.... Heck... I even got a NAP Saturday! A Real NAP!!! By myself!!!!
Then, after naps, we went to a birthday party!
We go to church with the birthday girl and her parents... she turned 3, so she is only 2 months older than our son F. The boys just adore her also.
It's funny because her mom is from the same town in Mexico as F's Godparents.... as are another couple from our church that have a son that is our little Lady's age.... they were also at the party.
Anyways... the party was at a place called Pump It Up. It was our first time at a place like this. It is an indoor, air blown toy place... things like moon walks, inflatable slides, things like that... It seems like ALL of the kids (and quite a few parents) were absolutly loving it! Our kids wore themselves out!!!! After everyone played for a couple of hours, we then were treated to a wonderful pasta/salad dinner with cake and cheesecake for dessert! It was snowing like hell outside...but so glad we went anyways... and the roads were just fine.
It was really nice to see all the kids enjoying themselves....Even our little Lady loved the moonwalk!
Today was fun also..... Went to church... kids were actually kinda behaved today....or...maybe my expectations are evolving.... oh well... no matter which one it is... we got through it!
Had Arby's for lunch (big deal for my fry addicts!), kids took naps!!!!!, I baked a chicken, and I let E help me make Chocolate Chip Cookies! He has only ever helped me scrambling eggs in the past...but he sure asks me a lot if he can help me cook... so... thought I would give him a little great today and let him actually do everything.
He did really well! I let him measure everything... told him how many to put in... let him use the spoon and spatula, and even let him drop the cookies on the cookie sheet! I will say he is one clean chef! He hates being dirty...and that includes having flour on him! He had flour on his hands and he begged me to hurry up and get him a napkin! *laughs* I tried to put flour on his face to get a messy pic...but he wouldnt have ANY part of it! He really enjoyed himself! I heard at least 50 times, "Mom, This is going to be my best day ever!" *laughs*
How cool is that??? Dang... all it takes is making cookies!!!!
I just adore these kids!

K getting off the slide at Pump It Up.

Our Little Lady enjoying the MoonWalk!

E posing at the MoonWalk entrance
Our 4 sitting on the Birthday Throne!

Our Little Chef adding the All-Important Chocolate Chips!
Putting the dough on the cookie sheet!


Leslie said...

What fun you guys had!!! I hope one day to meet you and your gorgeous babies!!!!


Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness, what a fun weekend you guys all had. LOVE that cooking picture. Those pump it up places sure are fun to wear them out!!!

Kathy said...

Fun weekend! And great pics of your cuties!