Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June!

Cant believe it is June already!!!
I had a wonderful 1st day of the month!

A friend and I went and saw Sex and the City 2!
I really enjoyed it... it had a lot of touching moments...but a lot of funny scenes also!

We also took time to take the kids to McD's for dinner.
We used to go on Wednesdays...but they moved the "Family Night" to Tuesday...and Dh
plays softball on Tuesday night, so we cant make it...
But, no softball tonight...so, we made Family Night... and we took our neighbor's children with us also.

Kids had a great time playing...and I actually got to read a bit while they played!

Yes...In addition to $1.50 Happy Meals they also have crafts the kids can do!

Little F and Little S enjoying the crayons and scissors!

A smile now that he saw the camera!

The Little Lady enjoys coloring...but did try her hand at cutting... maybe we will wait a bit longer till we introduce those scissors...

Intently drawing...

K had great imagination!

Heard the kids giggling....

At least everyone had fun!

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