Sunday, June 6, 2010

What is the Little Lady doing now???

The Little Lady is almost 3!
She will be three next month...but seems like she will be 13!

The Little Lady can sing her alphabet although she does not yet sing clear enough to hear each and every letter...but she does sing the song.
She can count to five in English and Spanish.
She knows the names of her brothers, her full name, and her Grandparents.
She knows the parts of her body...although she still says she has "peanuts".
She knows her colors, basic shapes, and her food.
She likes to eat everything but she is partial to carbs.
Spaghetti, mac and cheese, and bread are her favorites.
She eats all her fruits and vegetables.

The Little Lady is working on potty training when she wants to.
As soon as she is potty trained she will go to pre-school with her brother.
She can completely dress herself and she even puts her shoes on the correct feet!
She loves to change clothes throughout the day and would change more if she could get ahold of the clothes!
She loves shoes and will take them from other kids...
She loves her "magic", which is a star shaped wand...
She (and her brothers) tells everyone she is a princess.
She loves Tinkerbell.

The Little Lady loves our dog Diego.
She loves to cuddle with her dad and I.
She is absolutely in love with her Grandma and Grandpa G.
She would probably live with them if she could.
She loves going to their house for a few days at a time.
She loves to cuddle up on Grandpa's lap and get fed or fall asleep.
She loves to cuddle with her brothers also and will sometimes sneak into their beds at night.

The Little Lady is a very happy little girl!
She loves to play with her brothers and she loves to play with the little girl next door.
She loves music, she loves Dora, and she loves Tinkerbell.
She is very loved by us!

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nora said...

I'm pretty sure that L and C are the same kid - you just described C to a T!