Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is E doing now???

So... the Theme for NaBloPoMo is NOW!
I have NOT given an update on the kids in a very, very long time...
So, what better time to update then NOW????

I will begin with E since he is our oldest.

E is now 5
He just finished his 2nd year of pre-school!
He can write his first name... he knows his whole name, the street he lives on, the city, state, and that we live on a planet.
He can count to about 25-27 without mistake and he knows his full alphabet. He can name numbers and letters and also write them. He knows all his major shapes, colors, food, animals, things like that.

E can throw a ball over hand and can catch a ball in a glove.
He is gonna begin t-ball this summer!
E likes to do summersaults, flips, backflips, and cartwheels.
He can go across the monkey bars without help, he can do complete flips on the rings, and he can hang upside down without hands on a bar (with his knees holding him)
He loves to climb...he will climb trees, ladders, anything... he does not have a fear of heights.
He loves to be in the pool...he goes completely underwater... he can doggie paddle...and he is doing flips off of the ladder and into the pool.

E has awesome verbal skills.
He speaks clear enough that everyone understands him.
He has very complex thoughts.
He has now learned to use words to hurt people... he has now learned to use words when he is angry... he has learned how to use words to express sadness and happiness.

He makes me laugh... a lot.

The maintenance man at their school passed away recently...the school (baptist pre-school) sent home a letter explaining that they had told the kids that he was now in heaven with Jesus and that he was healthy again and happy.
E took it in...asked a few questions...then out of the blue told me that he wanted me to hurry up and go to heaven to be with Jesus...cuz then I wouldnt be allergic to cats anymore...and they could have their cat back.

E loves to flirt with girls.. he loves being the center of attention in a group...but he does have a very shy side to him also. Sometimes all that attention becomes too much and he wants to leave. He is very popular at school though with other students as well as with the teachers.
E will be in Kindergarten in the fall.
He will be going to a charter school... he will be taking Spanish classes after school...and he will be in cub scouts.
He has already been to his new school 3 times and seems to be very excited to be going to school with BIG kids!

It's amazing how great E is for the position of Big Brother!
He has three younger siblings...and he takes care of all of them...
He is very protective of his brothers and sister...
He is also very loving with his daddy and momma.
If I need a hug or a smile I'm sure to get both from him!
He has a large capacity to care and to love
I hope it never leaves him!

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