Monday, June 7, 2010

What is Mom doing now???

Sorry... no pics of me!
I am NOT very photogenic at all...

I'm 32 years old...
I am in my Third (and FINAL) year of Law School!!!
I am currently interning at Legal Aid Defenders Association.
I am in the Civil Law Group, Family Law Division.
I do a variety of work but some examples of the kind of work I am doing are:
Assisting in Pro-Per Divorce Clinics, Expungements, some property claims, name changes, and court observations.
Our office only services those who are 200% or less below the federal poverty level.
Most of our clients have multiple problems and we try to do the best we can.
I really enjoy doing public interest work and would like to do this when I graduate law school.

I am also newly elected to the Detroit - Michigan Executive Board of the National Lawyers Guild! (
I am very proud and humbled to have been elected on my first try!
I am so happy that I have found such a great group of like minded and successful attorney's to work with as we work towards social justice.
I am also still involved with the Public Interest Law Association, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, and the OUTlaws (LGBT group).
I am currently taking one class which is for my internship.

Since I only go into the office 3-4 days a week for 6 hours, I am really enjoying the extra time with my family!
I like making dinner for my kids most nights of the week.
I also enjoy spending most of the afternoons and evenings with my kids.
I LOVE not having to study every spare minute!!!!!!!
I LOVE not having to force read after they go to bed!!!!
I love being able to breath a little!
This next year will be difficult but I can kinda see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For the future... I have been thinking about a possible move out of state...
I have had the "new child craze" for the past 6 months...
(I wont say baby lust...cuz more babies!!!!)
I cannot wait for our two oldest to begin Kindergarten...but I really dont look forward to being up early 5 days a week...
I am NOT a morning person...
I want the kids to begin music training... probably on the violin or piano...
I also want the boys to begin sports...
I miss my music....
I really, really, really, miss playing...
I have no time to begin playing right now.
I also miss scrapbooking...
I have not yet made time this year to scrapbook.
I also have sewing projects calling my name.
I once again have not made time.
I have had a little problem filling my time with productivity when I am enjoying NOT having to be productive this summer!!!
I love our new pool!
I'm so glad the boys love the new pool!
I hope the Little Lady begins to like the pool!
I am hoping we continue to have a great summer!

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nora said...

Are you going to MoGuate? Maybe we need to bring some horn/tpt duets and find an empty conference room!

Love that you can have a lower keyed summer.