Saturday, June 5, 2010

What is F doing now???

So... what is F doing right now???
F is 4 years old!
He just finished his first semester of Pre-School!
He knows his alphabet, he can count to 15, he knows his shapes, his colors, foods, and animals.
He can draw shapes and lines and is learning to write his name.
He likes to color and he is very good at coloring!
He knows the street he lives on and what city we live in.
He knows all the names of the people in our family.

F can hop on one foot, can jump with two feet, can do somersaults, can do cartwheels,
and loves to do flips off of the rings.
He also does flips into the pool and will swim underwater.
He loves waterslides and swimming pools.
F loves to climb and jump!
F also loves to swing!

F loves chicken and will choose chicken for every meal if he could.
F also loves chocolate milk...he would drink it for every meal.
Cereal is his favorite snack.
He also loves all his fruit and will eat all his veggies with salad, carrots, and celery being his favorites.

F's favorite character is SpongeBob!
He could watch SpongeBob 24/7 if he could!
He loves his SpongeBob toys, his SpongeBob cups, his SpongeBob clothes, etc.
He loves to sing the opening song and he has all the songs on the Yellow Album memorized!

F can be a very sweet boy...but F has major attitude!
I call him the drama king!
F likes attention.
F also likes to play the victim even though he may be the instigator.
When F is in a good mood though, he is a very happy little guy who loves to laugh!
When he is mad though, his little lip sticks out and he sulks...
It is funny sometimes.
F is a kind little guy who loves his big brothers very much!
He loves to do everything they do and gets upset when he cant do the same.
F also loves his little sister but he also like to pick on her since he gets picked on sometimes.
F is a daddy's boy and both his momma and daddy love him!

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