Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is K doing now???

So... What in the world is K doing now???
K is 4 years old... only a couple months away from turning 5!
He just finished up his first full year of pre-school!

K can count to 20!
He knows all of his letters!
He is beginning to write his first name!
He knows his whole name, his street, and the state he lives in.
He knows he was born in Guatemala and that he came here when he was bigger than a baby.

K can throw a ball overhand, catch a ball in a glove, and can hit a ball that is thrown at him.
K can also kick a ball a long way.
K loves to play in the pool and will put his full face in the water and will go under water.
He can also go across the monkey bars and will hang upside down.
He loves to swing.

K loves to eat!
He eats everything!
K knows what he wants to eat and he will ask specifically for food.
If he doesnt get what he asks for though, he refuses to eat...for a while... he eventually gives in though and will eventually eat.

K still has bad days.
K still has bad nights.
Things have been improving though over the past year.
K loves to cuddle and he loves to give these HUGE hugs!
The first thing people notice about K is his HUGE smile!
He is really shy...but once he warms up to you, he is very loving.
K likes attention but not a lot of attention. He does not like to be the center of attention.

K will begin Kindergarten in the fall!
He has already been to his new school and likes the building and play park!
K will be playing tee-ball this summer and is looking forward to it.
K loves to dig in the ground and look for worms...
He is truly a lover of all creatures... he loves bugs!
K will ask a hundred questions in a day.
He is soo curious about everything!
He really does love animals, bugs, and other people.

K has a very large vocabulary.
He is very empathetic.
He asks a lot of questions about feelings and such.
He is very loving towards his momma and daddy and his brothers and sister.
He is very protective of them... but he is also very protective of his toys
which sometimes leads to conflict.
K is NOT a morning person!!!
K needs a while to wake up in the morning or after a nap.
K can be very stubborn.
Hopefully his stubbornness will serve him well as an adult...not so much as a toddler!

We sure love our Little K!!!!

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