Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1st day of NaBloPoMo!!


If you are just joining us, or if you have been a long time reader, I thought I would catch you up!

My name: Denise. Aka.. mom, momma, or counselor.
The other players: Dh. Damn husband or darling husband. assume nothing.
E - The oldest son. 6.5 years old.
K - The middle son. 6 years old
F - The younest son. 5 years old
Little Lady (LL) - our daughter. 4 years old.
Diego - 3 year old mutt that is a pain in the ass. (pita)
Maggie - my 5 month old Shiz Tsu who will be a wonderful pup soon as she stops pooping and peeing in the house.
Grandma and Grandpa - my parents. Living the retired life.

2011 has been a big year for all of us but, especially me.
I graduated Law School in May, Studied for the Bar Exam all summer long, failed said bar exam, but am volunteering at my dream job while I wait to take the next bar exam in February.

I began volunteering at my dream job in January. I am working in a public defender office. Love, Love, Love it! That's right. I not only defend criminals but, I defend poor criminals...the worst in society. I feel that everyone, no matter what they are accused of, deserve a vigorous defense. Much of my job is to humanize my clients in front of the judge. Even though some of these people do commit multiple crimes, they are people. They have moms, dads, wives, husbands, kids, etc. They have people who love them and people who may not like them but, they are human beings and when it seems the whole world is against them, I am not. I am someone who will defend their constitutional rights and who will represent them in court.

I have applied to many public defender offices but have yet to catch a job. I have also applied to some legal aid offices and to some firms that do defensive immigration law. I have been hugely blessed in my life to obtain an education and want to give back.

Other than work and school... life has consisted of trying to parent in the small time I have left in my day. While I love my job and I love my kids, I find that sometimes they are not compatible. It is much easier now that I dont have homework at night and on weekends but, I will once again spend 3 months at the library studying for the bar exam and thus that will take me away from my kids some more.

Oh yea... that bar exam... I'm not stupid...I'm not the smartest in the room either... I studied all summer... but, it was difficult to study with all the kids out of school... I thought I had really done enough to pass...I am not the best at standard test though and being 200 multiple choice questions and 9 essay questions, it did not treat me very well. I am still hugely depressed that I failed it especially since many of my former classmates now have their licenses and are able to practice on their own. Of course, I also lost some job opportunities since I didnt pass. It has made me very depressed for the past two weeks. A very terrible funk. Of course I need to get over it but, it is difficult. I will be back for the February test...after I pay a ton of money to a private tutor...and after I study for another three months. Hopefully by then I will have some job leads...

So, that is a quick little run-down of me.
Tomorrow I will begin updates on the kiddos.

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