Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Update on K

Today is all about K!

K turned 6 while we were in Guatemala!

K is in K5!
K is awesome in school!
K loves to draw!
He is always drawing super heroes and robots!
K is also great at writing letters and counting!
He is now beginning to read!

K LOVES to play video games.
He loves video games so much, mom and dad have a great tool for behavior modification!
Did I mention that K loves his video games???

K also loves his super hero cartoons.

K is also my mechanical guy.
He is the one that wants to know how everything works.
He is also the first one to challenge someone.
K likes it his way. His way only.
K can be very stubborn but, his smile makes people melt.

K loves to build with Lego's!
He loves to swim.
He loves to draw with chalk outside.
He also loves to hide.
sometimes a little too much...

K has had a long journey to become the great guy that he is today.
Whenever life has you down, you only need a smile and a hug from K!
Cant wait to see where life takes him next!

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