Saturday, November 26, 2011

Family Traditions

In our family, we have many traditions.

One tradition that my dad and I have since I was a teen was to spend the week of Thanksgiving together.

In our state, Thanksgiving happens to be the 2nd week of firearm deer season.

So, since my dad and I have both been life long hunters,
we enjoy our week or as many days as we can hunting together.

Unfortunately, since I got hurt, I have not been able to go hunting.
It has taken me a lot of physical therapy and working out to get to where I am now.
Finally I felt ok enough to try to hunt and my dad had a place where we could just go at night or at in the morning.

We got to the stand about 3:30.
My deer walked in about 5:20.
I was very nervous until I shouldered the gun, then all of my practice came back.
I took a breath in, let some out, and squeezed.
Perfect shot.
Except... we thought the deer that had walked in was a doe.
Turns out, it was a button buck.
in other words, I will have Veal in my freezer all winter!

Me and my Dad!

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