Wednesday, November 2, 2011

E's Update!

This is E!

E is 6.5!

E is in the first grade!

E is very smart!
E can now read, he can count to infinity by ones and he can also count by 2's, 5,'s, and 10's.
He is awesome at math and at reading.
He is doing a lot better in school this year.
He is able to sit down during class now and pay attention more.
He has a couple of girlfriends of course... and seems to be popular in his class.

E still loves all kinds of food.
He eats everything and is willing to try new things.

He loves to swim.
He is great at diving under the water and swimming underwater.
He does flips and such and isnt afraid to try something new.
He played baseball this summer and did great!
He wants to play basketball in the near future.

E, like most boys, loves spiderman.
He loves all kinds of cartoons.
SpongeBob is very popular in our house.

E has a very strong personality.
He has picked up on my sarcasm and isnt afraid to use it.
He is also very good at pushing the boundaries.
More than once, I have wondered if he will be a sailor.

He is great at expressing himself verbally and orally... now we teach him to do it at the right time and at the right place.

E is very often a very lovable little guy.
Always my baby.

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