Sunday, November 27, 2011


We are home.

It was a very long drive home as there was an accident on the express way and I had to take back roads around and then get back to the xway.

I miss my parents.
My kids miss my parents.
I was actually thinking about moving south.
I dont know if I would be able to do that.
Or if I truly want to.
Ok, well I do...but, how would I handle being that far away from my parents?
How would I feel taking my kids away from their grandparents?

It is true that I am unemployed.
I have not been able to find a job for the past year.
There are jobs in other states.

Oh what fun it is to be an adult.


Cyrusholiday said...

Thanks for sharing. Its good to see fresh content always.
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Dolores Frade said...

I enjoyed your Blog! Love the outlay and the excting adventure your on each day wth the Kids
they are Super cute ~ I know each day is a blast. You are blessed and I say Rock on!
Thanks for adopting and carring on the best journey ever!