Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today was a very fun Saturday!
Woke up and made pancakes and bacon.

Did some laundry and some folding/putting clothes away.

Then we were off to a playdate!

We met our good friends at an indoor playplace!

It's a great time cuz P and I can talk...and all the kids can play!
Except for today.
Not sure if he is not feeling real well or what.
But, E would NOT leave me alone!
Usually he will play.
He might ask to see my phone or use the computer but once he is convinced that I am not going to give in, he leaves and goes to play.
Not today.
The other kids had a great time though!

After playing for a few hours, we went to a Chinese Buffet!
I'm so proud of my kids!
Crab legs, steamed clams, shrimp, and oysters.
That's what my boys had!
Of course, they tried some chicken and some soup also, but they like the good stuff!

Love when weekends are fun!

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