Wednesday, November 9, 2011


When my injury occurred in 2005, I spent months in bed.
It was painful for me to walk across the house much less to go somewhere and walk.
Riding in the car was horrible as was getting in and out of the car.
Life consisted of doctors appointments and sleep.

Then the kids came along...
I had to get out of bed... I also went back to school and had to get up to do that.

I had tried to work out and such during law school.
It always seemed as if I would do great for about a month but then my body would rebel and I would end up in bed for two weeks.
Life does not work well that way!

This spring though, I decided I had enough.
I was going to be forced to spend my entire summer studying for the bar.
People always complain about how much weight they gain while studying.
I didnt want that to happen to me.

After a week of sitting and looking at video for 4 hours only to go home and sit for another 3 hours while I did questions, I had enough!
I began to look for someplace to workout.
Before my injury, I was very active.
Soccer, softball, motorcycling, hunting, plus my hugely physical job!
I wanted to be able to do something with my kids...

So, I signed up for a one week trial at Powerhouse.
Yes. Powerhouse.
I had such a stereotype of who would work out there.
I figured I would be so uncomfortable that I would not be able to workout there.
Fortunately, what I had thought about the gym and its members, was not true.
I have been going there regularly since beginning of June.

40 lbs later I'm still going there.
Cant wait to see where I am by the time I take the Feb. bar!

If only I enjoyed shopping....

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