Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy Saturday

Every other Saturday at Lowes, they have a make and take for the kiddos.
Dh took our boys and his grandkids to make tic-tac-toe boxes today!
They all had fun and they were all very proud of their accomplishments!

After a nap from their fun-filled day, we sat down to dinner.
Everyone ate very well so they were treated to oreo cookies!

the Little Lady only eats the middle of the cookie...and leaves the cookie part

K eats the middle and then the cookie.

"Do you HAVE to take a pic of me eating a cookie???"

"I'll smile for another cookie!!!"

Daddy and F sharing dessert!

F telling us that he...uh... passed gas...
Thanks for the info!


Gardenia said...

that is a great thing that Lowes does. I should check that out. cute pics of your kiddos enjoying a treat.

Kate said...

L is getting cuter by the minute!!!!