Monday, January 4, 2010

Sad day, happy ending

Today was my Uncle Louie's funeral.
I really despise funerals... but what I hate even more is when someone gives the eulogy and they had never even met the person.
Seems like someone who was as full of life and who lived as long as my uncle should have had someone talk about his life who actually knew what he was talking about!
But no, some random preacher got the cliff-notes version of my Uncle's life 10 mins before the ceremony....and then proceeded to give the eulogy.
It was terribly done and fake.
I felt like getting up and protesting.... but it wasnt my place.

We also went to the cemetery... since my Uncle was a WWII veteran, he had a military burial. His casket had a flag draped on it, they played taps, then they folded the flag and handed it to my Aunt Rose.

We then all went to lunch at the Rhapsody which is a Hungarian restaurant.
Since both sides of my family are Hungarian, we have had many funeral lunches at the Rhapsody. I've had many regular meals there also...but seems like if you belong to either side of my family, it's a very popular place for funeral lunches.
We had a great Hungarian meal of chicken paprikash, galuskas (Hungarian dumplings), kobash and kraut, and Hungarian stuffed cabbage.
It was a fantastic meal.
It had such a weird ending though... everyone left... and my Aunt Rose and her sister were left there all alone.
I cant imagine how she must feel. 60 some years with her husband...and she will soon be alone in her house. I'm crying just thinking about it.

After all the crying and sadness of the day, we decided to try to have a happy night... so, we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese.
The kids love it there... and we tolerate it... and sometimes play games ourselves, so we all had fun.
We were there for 2.5 hours...but the kids could have stayed there all night!
We ran out of tokens that was our cue to leave!
We even treated everyone to Ice Cream from Culvers afterwards!!!!
Ice cream is even fantastic when it is close to zero degrees out.
Next to chocolate, it is also a near-perfect food!


Kathy said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Gardenia said...

It's so hard enduring this pain of loss. bless you !

mom2joelito said...

Speaking of Chuck E. Cheese, D keeps reminding me that Ernie was having a Chuck E. Cheese emergency when we were at your house, and he thinks he's having one, too.(On a daily basis!)