Thursday, January 7, 2010


We are finally getting snow!!!
I had to go get books from school today... took 30 mins to get there... and almost 2.5 hours to get home! It's as if every year... people are shocked that it snows in MI...and that yes...we drive in it too!

Anyways... we picked the boys up early from school as we were on our way home anyways...and really...we would have gotten home...and would have had to turn around and go get them anyways....
So, we had a slow drive home...
The boys were wound up pretty well having been surprised by us getting there early and all...and oh my were they talking!

Let's see.... E wants to marry me....then his Godmother... then, we will all go on a honeymoon...he will come home then go hunting for a month in Africa... *laughs*
He was worried though that he didnt know where Africa was... K told him to just call a cab and tell the cab to take him to the airport...and then tell the airline where he wants to go... I sure hope they dont test this theory out anytime soon!!!!
K wants to be a fireman...and he wants to marry a hippo....if he cant marry a hippo...he wants to marry our dog, Diego....cuz Diego kisses him on the lips.

We had some great dissussions after dinner also...
They really are at a great age!


Gardenia said...

it's so coll the stuff they say when strapped in a car seat. I wish I had a tape recorder going when my girlie says stuff in the car. she'll bring up topics out of the blue. love your kiddos' comments.

Kathy said...

Too cute! I love how their little minds work. But I would hide the credit cards just in case they do want to try out the cab/plane plan!!