Monday, January 11, 2010

Last Minute Jitters

Tomorrow morning is my first day of school for this semester.
I am nervous.
Yes I have been in school since I was 5... I wont count the years...but I still get nervous about the first day.
It's the unexpected... what will be expected...and how the class will get along.
I do have a professor that I have had I'm glad of that.

This semester I am taking 5 classes.

Family Law
International Human Rights Law
Criminal Procedure II
Professional Responsibility

I'm excited for all my classes this semester... PR is the only one required... actually I will have to take the professional responsibility part of the bar...soon after I take the class... so, pretty important class... lucky.. it's only once a week where the other classes are two times a week.

Well... I have almost everything ready for the morning...
Gonna finish watching Chef Academy (Love this show!) and then head off to bed.
Wouldnt want to fall asleep on my first day!

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Gardenia said...

good luck. those should be good classes.