Friday, January 22, 2010

Fav Foto Friday (1.22.10)

Today's FFF for me is a Retro theme.
I came across these picture while I was scrapbooking in November and finally got around to scanning them in this morning.
The past few days and for a couple more days have been kinda difficult on me.
for the past 5 years I have lived with a continuous disability....
These pictures are well before my injury.

These pictures are of my dad and I at work.
My dad worked in our plant for 38 years.
I have 11 years.
Both of us are Millwrights.
(as is my husband also...he had 40 years)

I went on the apprenticeship in late Nov of 99.
I got my Journeyman's card 3 days shy of 3 years!
I really loved being a Millwright...and I miss my job.

So, here is short journey to Dec 99 and the Summer of 01!

One of my first jobs as an apprentice was working on the sheet-metal table making duct work for our new training center.
My dad is in the typical journeyman mode... drinking coffee, watching the apprentices work!

My dad driving our baby crane and I was catching a ride.
We had just installed a huge electrical panel on an outside wall.

At my toolboxes... getting ready to go on a job.
Miss that tool pouch...

Typical apprentice job... taking out the scrap.

Summer of 01
All of the Millwright apprentices worked on putting those lids on the waste tanks that you see in the picture.
The crane I am driving is a 125 ton crane.
We are putting our 125 foot JLG (cherry picker) into the waste tank pit so that we can use the jlg to get over the tanks.

This was a very heavy and dangerous pick.
Loved working all the heavy equipment though!
That is just one benefit to being a Millwright!
Driving all the fun toys!

That's me on the left!
On the jlg that is now in the pit...
A and I used to stretch the jlg out every morning before we began our tank work.
125 feet up on a clear day and we could see for a long ways...
From our plant we could see Downtown Detroit, Windsor Canada, and even Lake Erie!
(the big D is 40 miles away)
JLG's are soo much fun...and their adaptability is amazing.
With a good driver, you'd be amazed at the spaces you can get into in one of those!
Miss driving those!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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vaneblu said...

I love retro themes :)

Kim & Dave said...

Wow! I am highly impressed!

Glad you got all those pics scanned in. I'm sure that feels great!

Hannah said...

Very cool flashbacks!

Gardenia said...

very interesting.

Kerri said...

Very cool!!!
Happy 300!
Hope the kids are better.

Kate said...

B.A.- Before Accident